Why you choose JOBBHY ?

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Here are the 7 things you need to consider about Jobbhy.

1. Jobbhy is both supporting jobsite and applicant tracking system. It provides candidate profile to signup and the ATS to provide hiring process and talent management.

2. The target base will be both candidate/talents and HRs and Recruiters.

3. Right now, it has 5 HR from 3 companies here in Bangkok.

4. We also have almost 500 followers on our fb page. Every job posted on jobbhy will also be posted on our fb, linkedin and twitter account.

5. As of now, the demographic is focused here in Thailand.

6. Free trial has no expiration. The only limit will be, when you used up the number on free subscription.

7. Quick application features/updates release with notifications.

Start your free trial today. Free trial without using a credit card.
Just send us back your email, Phone number, and company details, in this format at jobbhy.official@gmail.com:

Phone Number:
Company Name:
Company Phone Number:


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Jobbhy — Smart Hiring | Job Vacancies | Recruitment




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