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Jobbhy was created on June 2020 in Bangkok, Thailand. The inspiration behind this application was about helping people especially those who lost their jobs, company, and who are having hard time to recruit and manage candidates during the pandemic (COVID-19).

Jobbhy is a straightforward and has its usability centred design for Jobsite at the same time has an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for employer.

Candidate can:

1. Signup and has the option to update the profile before the job application.
2. Receive email for new job posts.
3. Manage candidate profile.
4. Get recommended jobs and more.

Employer can:

1. View and add talents/candidates on the desired job pipeline.
2. Set of candidates who applied for the specific job and can access directly on the candidate pipeline.
3. Rank the candidates base on their profile.
4. Create and post Jobs.
5. Email notifications.
6. Set of essential features like; notifications, history , calendar (activity scheduling) and more that already existed on the application and more.

Jobbhy is rapidly progressing during leisure time. Opps! Developers are not full-time? Absolutely YES we were able to dedicate our precious time to discuss sprint planning. RAD(Rapid Application Development) is the methodology that is being used during the development. Jobbhy developers are consisted of three young people. One, being the front-end, the other is the back-end and a full-stack which is the lead developer as well as founder of Jobbhy.

Jobbhy is made by the following tools:


1. NuxtJs , Vuex and VueBoostrap.
2. Netlify for web hosting.


1. .Net Core, C#, MSSQL (Incoming Python)
2. Azure for web server.

Furthermore, we are still improving to bring the best and unique features that will be integrated in the application.

Start posting job with free trial today. Free trial without using credit card. Just send us back your email, Phone number, and company details, in this format:

Phone Number:
Company Email:
Company Name:

Send us at

Our applications are open for partners/employers who are willing to support our idea.




Software Engineer @ Appman Co., Ltd.

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