This C# library will support Csv to Database table creation using Mssql and Npgsql programmatically with minimal line of codes.


Csv to Database
  • .NET Core 3.1
  • VSCode
  • Go to Tools and select Manage Nuget Packages and Search for CsvToDb library.
    Install-Package CsvToDb -Version 1.0.2
private readonly string _connString;

public UploadController(IConfiguration config)
_connString = config["CONNECTIONSTRING_MSQL"];

[RequestFormLimits(ValueLengthLimit = int.MaxValue, MultipartBodyLengthLimit = int.MaxValue)]
public async Task<IActionResult> TestCsvToDb(IFormFile file)
//From IFormFile
await CsvToDbService.ExecuteAsync(file, new ToDbOptions()
TableName = "Customer",
Delimiter = ",",
UsedMssqlDb = true,
UsedSnakeCase = true,
DbConnectionString = _connString,

A simple and straightforward interceptor to check token validity, to generate new access and refresh token before the actual request in axios if the existing access token is already expired.

npm install axios-jwtoken-refresher

Please read Axios libary, Refresh tokens and Access tokens if you’are not familiar with these libraries.

Run npm install axios-jwtoken-refresher

Add to your main project file.

import tokenRefresher from 'axios-jwtoken-refresher'
import axios from 'axios'

baseURL: '',

//Get where your initial refresh token persist.
const initialRefreshToken = '{provide initial refresh token}'
//Provide your refresh token endpoint.
const refreshTokenEndpoint = '/api/sample/token'
//Provide your own access token object result path.
const accessTokenResultPath = '/response/data/accessToken'
//Provide your own refresh token object result…

Smart Hiring | Job Vacancies | Recruitment

Here are the 7 things you need to consider about Jobbhy.

1. Jobbhy is both supporting jobsite and applicant tracking system. It provides candidate profile to signup and the ATS to provide hiring process and talent management.

2. The target base will be both candidate/talents and HRs and Recruiters.

3. Right now, it has 5 HR from 3 companies here in Bangkok.

4. We also have almost 500 followers on our fb page. Every job posted on jobbhy will also be posted on our fb, linkedin and twitter account.

5. As of…

Jobbhy was created on June 2020 in Bangkok, Thailand. The inspiration behind this application was about helping people especially those who lost their jobs, company, and who are having hard time to recruit and manage candidates during the pandemic (COVID-19).

Jobbhy is a straightforward and has its usability centred design for Jobsite at the same time has an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) for employer.

Candidate can:

1. Signup and has the option to update the profile before the job application.
2. Receive email for new job posts.
3. Manage candidate profile.
4. Get recommended jobs and more.

Employer can:

JKValidator is a simple C# properties validator library.

Behind JKValidator:
JK stands for JOEVER and KEVIN. Kevin initially started the code implementation on 2018, together with Joever.
The inspiration of this validator is to eradicate the old school way of validating the property
and to create standard property validator for Microsoft.
We want to help developers who wants to change or improve their way of validating the properties, so we decide to publish this library on nuget.


JKValidator supported both dependecy injection and static method way of implementations.

Available Property Validators:
1. Boolean
2. DateTime
3. Double
4. Int
5. Object
6. String

What is Docker by the way?
Docker is an open platform for developing, shipping, and running applications. Docker enables you to separate your applications from your infrastructure so you can deliver software quickly.
With Docker, you can manage your infrastructure in the same ways you manage your applications. — Docker
Written in: Go
Initial release date: March 20, 2013
Developer: Docker, Inc.

Project setup:
1. Generate new project by using the command:
dotnet new webapi -o AspNetCoreDockerTest
cd AspNetCoreDockerTest
2. Open the project by using the command:
code .
1. If your project not generated .vscode please enter…

JPolicy is a configurable error exception handler. It also includes definition of policies; just like to retry method execution and http request when failed,
default error message display during the exception, and method to execute to get the verbose exception to display or for logging purposes.


1. NET Core 3.1
2. Visual Studio or VS Code

How to use:
1. Go to Tools and select Manage Nuget Packages and Search for JPolicy library
2. Install-Package JPolicy -Version 1.0.1

Exception Retry Policy:

Using Exception Retry Policy

Exception output:

Configurable sanitizer for XML and JSON string value through extension method.



1. Default sanitizer to replace password value
2. Sanitize with options


  1. .NET Core 3.1
  2. Visual Studio or VS Code

How to use:

  1. Go to Tools and select Manage Nuget Packages and Search for JSanitizer library.
  2. OR Install-Package JSanitizer -Version 1.0.2


  1. {json string value}.SanitizeJsonValue()
  2. {xml string value}.SanitizeXmlValue()
  3. {xml string value}.SanitizeXmlWithOptions(options)
  4. {json string value}.SanitizeJsonWithOptions(options)

Code implementations:

  1. Sanitize without options

2. Sanitize with options

Choosing a software development company as one of the best can be edgy. One, if not for all has to go through painstaking schemes of assessment, probing, and all that jazz. After wheeling and dealing on the tedious process, you will need to stress-out comprehensible selection of criteria to evade the perils of repetitive vendor searching. By avoiding a different outlook between you and your associates, whether it regards an adept attitude, characteristics, or society, you need to kick off by requiring clear rules for choosing a software development company. …

Reactivity in Depth

One of Vue’s most distinct feature is the unobtrusive reactivity system. Models are just plain JavaScript objects but when you modify them, the view updates. It makes state management simple and intuitive, but it’s also important to understand how it works to avoid some common gotchas

When using computed get/set properties we always expect to provide set function to accept new added object base on user.

But did you KNOW?

Computed get/set properties works even if there’s no set function?

NO its not working!! It will give an ERROR: Computed property “users” was assigned to but it has no setter.

How it will works:

(Note: you can…

Sr. Software Integration Developer @ Interprit

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